Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.8 Activator For Windows & Office 2020

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.8 Activator For Windows & Office 2020

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.8 Activator is the latest version activator developed by Microsoft to help you get all features windows or office offers. It is also known as EZ-Activator over the internet. When it comes to downloading a trustworthy and famous activator, then Microsoft Toolkit is on top of the list. Microsoft Toolkit is an activator that can activate your window as well as office genuinely and without affecting the performance of your PC.

This activator has more features and tools as compared to other activators present in the market. It increases the efficiency of your windows & can enable all the products developed by Microsoft like Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, etc. You can work efficiently and smoothly after activating your windows or office.

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.8 Activator for windows & office removes the license already present in the operating system and creates a new permit on the KMS server, which activates the shutter. This activator is famous because of its working capability and speed, the way it enables the window/office none of any activator can do. Using Microsoft toolkit, you can activate your window for a lifetime. You don’t have to activate it again and again. After activation of the window, you won’t receive the message of Activate your windows back. It has an essential management service that helps the inactivation process.

If you are looking for an activator with efficiency, then choose Microsoft toolkit because it can activate windows 100% better and efficiently just in few minutes. It will also notify you about all windows updates released by Microsoft. Many activators are proved to be a scam; they only activate windows just for days or months. Microsoft toolkit is scam-free; many users and developers test it. It can activate windows with a guarantee and for a lifetime.

Why are Activators necessary?

When you download any window or office, then it contains many premium features that are locked, to unlock and use those premium features, you need to activate windows or office first. If you choose not to enable it, then you won’t be able to use those premium features, and they will remain locked. Windows show the message again and again to activate it, which can be annoying. So to avoid it you should activate windows and use it without any restrictions. Activators can help you to work correctly and use every feature you need. There can be many functions you should use, locked and hidden from you just because you don’t activate your window.

Offline Activation:

The best thing about Microsoft toolkit is that you can activate it offline, it means you don’t need any internet connection for activation. This feature is not available in other activators, but Microsoft toolkit provides this. You can easily activate your windows/office without the internet.

The older version of this activator does not support offline activation; you need to update your MS toolkit, only latest versions give this feature to users. Series after 2.5.1 only supports Offline activation. Previous versions need a proper internet connection to activate your office or windows.

Genuine Windows Activation:

Activating windows genuinely is the tough task for an activator, but Microsoft toolkit can ensure you the genuine activation of your offices or windows. Microsoft toolkit doesn’t need any key to activate it, but it uses a KMS server, which can guarantee the 100% activation of windows. Microsoft company has officially announced the KMS server for the activation purpose.

Changelog Of Microsoft Toolkit:

  • Now MS Toolkit does patching using code instead of using xdelta3.exe.
  • Errors checking has become stable. It immediately informs about the failure of the KMSEmulator.
  • In previous versions, MAK activation was continuously failing, but it has been fixed in this latest version.
  • Phone activation is now restored in this latest version so that data can be repaired easily.
  • Scheduled tasks have been fixed, which was not running on the system in previous versions.
  • An additional option has been eliminated in this new version of Microsoft toolkit; it means the only option which can be useful for users are only shown.
  • The timing of activation restore has been enhanced and improved.
  • If you update the setting of this software, then it will automatically update AutoKMS also.
  • Updating settings will only update Autorearm not change it’s setting because it can cause a mismatch, so the environment of Autorearm will remain default.
  • To generate codes, a Resharper is used, which works automatically by itself.
  • There are some applications which has fixed and added some features in this latest version: Alpha 1 R7 has fixed the auto-disable functions.
  •  Alpha 1 R6 has fixed the scheduled task failure during installation.
  •  Alpha 1 R5 has added detection.
  •  Multi KMS has been added. If one KMS fails to activate the windows or office, then there are many other KMS available, which can help inactivation.
  •  Any windows/office product can be easily detected in main Tab, you can check the availability of products easily.
  •  The version of AutoKMS is shown in the log.
  •  Backups can be managed easily; you can move them from one  folder to another.
  •  The selector user interface has been removed in this version.
  • Alpha 1 R3 has improved the windows backup system.
  • Alpha 1 R2 has improved the bug fixes and detection of bugs.
    Keys can be reinstall.
  • Now you can see the customize tab which shows you the version of the office/windows you are using. This feature was not present in the previous version of the Microsoft toolkit, and it is recently added in this latest version.
  • There have been many languages added for ease of users. If you don’t know the English language, then there are many options for you to choose any style you want.
  • Bugs have been fixed in this latest version. KMS keys are already installed, so there will be no error during activation.
  • In the previous version, during customizing the setup got fail due to the absence of a lowercase extension, that bug also has been fixed.
  • IN this latest version of MS Toolkit, TAP drivers are also updated.
  • Some other bugs also have been fixed, which causes error and failure.

Features of Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.8 Activator

It has following features which are listed below:

  1. You don’t need to buy this software because it is free of cost, it can save a lot of your money by activating windows/office free of cost.
  2. If you have this software then you don’t have to buy the keys for activation, it activates using the KMS server.
  3. It supports all windows and office versions, and you can activate all windows and office products using microsoft toolkit.
  4. There are specific windows it activates which are: Windows 7, Vista, xp, 8.1, 8 and 10. It can activate office also like: MS office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.
  5. It can activate on both 32 as well as 64 Bit operating system.
  6. It has a lot of services and functions, you can control and manage all of them the way you want.
  7. It keeps you up to date during activation by notifying you. It gives you alert about every changes it made.
  8. One of the best feature of this software is you can use it offline without having any internet connection as well as online. It’s your choice you activate with internet or without internet.
  9. It does not contain any malicious virus which makes it safe and clean to use.

Why Choose Microsoft Toolkit?

Microsoft toolkit provides you the features other can’t. It allows you to activate any version of windows and office for lifetime without paying a penny. Sometimes products of microsoft got blacklisted due to some reason, it also allows you to reactivate those blacklisted products. You can use those products like they never have been blacklisted. Other activators are not able to reactivate those products the way it can. If you wanna know further about this software then there are following key points which can clear your mind to use this software as your activator:

Genuine Version:

Microsoft can give you the genuine version of your windows or office, before activation windows are not genuine and there is no guarantee how much duration it will run. But Microsoft toolkit can make it genuine after activating it.

Lifetime activation:

Some Activators do activation temporarily, windows start to show message for activation after some time. But Microsoft toolkit activate windows and office permanently. It also gives you the option of enable or disable the activation. You can enable the activation later after disabling it.

Standard application:

Microsoft toolkit run as standalone which makes it unique and different from other activators. It works for the ease of users. It is not difficult to install or use, any ordinary user can also understand it to use. You can save a lot of your valuable time by using it.

No Data Loss:

This activator won’t affect your data at all, Your files and data will remain unchanged and safe. Don’t worry about losing your data or anything from system. Your whole data will remain just they way you created.


Use for re-activation:

You can use it for reactivation purpose also. It can activate your office or window again and again not matter how much time you have used this, it will do activation for you every time you need. It doesn’t have any expiry issue.

Cleaned User Interface:

It has friendly user interface which makes it easy to use. It was developed for every range of user. Professional as well as ordinary user can use it for activation of their windows. It gives user complete control over all feature and functions a window or office is offering.

Support all Windows:

Another best feature of this software is that it supports every window and office like windows 8, 8.1, 10, 7, Vista as well a XP. In office it supports all office like all editions of office 365, 2010, 2013, 2010, 2016, 2003.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are many questions arises in mind of users and they ask about them:

Is this harmful to your PC?

It doesn’t affect or harm your computer at all. It is completely safe to use. You can do full scanning to test this software before using it. There will be no virus detected after complete scan.

Is it limited for some time?

No, it is not limited for some time. It activates permanently for lifetime. Most of the activators fail to activate windows or office permanently but Microsoft Toolkit is the only one which can give you activation for lifetime. You won’t face any errors or problem activating your offices or windows.

Do you need an internet connection for installation?

No for this latest version of MS toolkit internet is not necessary because it offers a feature of offline activation. You can activate without any internet connection. It supports both online and offline activation. So if you don’t have any internet then there is no need to worry about it because it also gives you an option of offline activation.

Supported Microsoft Products:

Here is the complete list of products supported by microsoft toolkit:


Windows Vista (All Editions)
Windows Server 2008 (All Editions)
Windows 7 (All Editions)
Windows Server 2012 (4 Editions)
Windows 8 (10 Editions)
Windows Server 2008 R2 (7 Editions)
Windows 7 Embedded (3 Editions)
Windows Server 2012 R2 (4 Editions)
Windows 8 Embedded (2 Editions)
Windows 10 Server (1 Edition)
Windows 8.1 (10 Editions)
Windows 8.1 Embedded (3 Editions)
Windows 10 (3 Editions)


Office 2010
Office 2013
Office 365
Office 2003
Office 2007
Office 2016

MS Toolkit Activator for All Windows:

Activator For Windows 10:

Windows 10 is the latest and most being used window among all other windows due to it’s features and functions. It is the fastest window which provides users those features no window can give. Demand of Windows 10 is increasing day by day. Because Windows 10 has resolved issues that were present in previous versions. It has fixed all the bugs and errors present in older versions. Other main reason of using windows 10 is it provides complete security by itself which can keep viruses away from your computer.

If you have decided to use windows 10 then it is also mandatory to activate it because most of the premium features are locked in windows. Same as in windows 10 there are also some premium features that are locked or hidden from users until they don’t activate it using any key or activator.

So the best option for you to activate your window is Microsoft toolkit which can activate your windows 10 with few blinks of your eyes. There are two extra activators which are embedded in MS Toolkit, EZ-toolkit and KMS. So having two extra toolkit make this activator more valuable. It has server system which runs in background and find the suitable key by itself that can activate your windows better. You don’t have to buy it for yourself because MS Toolkit is already providing the keys for free of cost.

Activator for Windows 8.1/8:

Before release of Windows 10 the most popular windows with advanced features was Windows 8/8.1. it comes with advanced and stylish features most of the people loved. There is also one disadvantage of windows 8.1, It doesn’t give any trial version to user so it is necessary to activate it at any cost. Our recommendation for you is to choose MS Toolkit 2.6.7 for windows 8.1 activation because it has capabilities no other windows have. After activating your window with this tool all the functions will be open up for you. You can easily use personalization and other useful functions this windows have.

Activator For Windows 7:

Windows 7 is most trustworthy and simple windows loved by every user. Windows 7 is easy to use and understand, that is the reason most of the people use it at home, business or organization. This window also offers some features that were missing in Vista and XP. So to use these features you need to activate this window also. For activating this window you need an activator, we have an activator for you which can help you to use all features that are hidden from you. Until you don’t activate the window there will be limited features to use.

MS Toolkit Activator For Offices:

Activator for Office 2003:

Microsoft Office 2003 is being used all across the world due to its features. It was the first office released with some advanced features. To use this office you need to activate it first and MS toolkit is here to perform this task for you. It is best option for activation of your office 2003.

Activator for Office 2013:

Office 2013 version has more advanced and new features than 2003 version. Most of the people are using this version because it is easy and smooth to use and understand. But it also needs activation to provide full features. If you wanna enjoy all functions of office then you have to activate it using Toolkit activator.

Activator for Office 2016:

This activator also supports office 2016 version, so if you are worried about activating your office then you dont have to because MS Toolkit is here to help you with that. This software will activate your office and then you can use and manage all features like you want.

Activator for Office 2019:

Office 2019 is the recent released office which has covered and fixed all the errors and drawbacks of previous versions. Each office has premium features which are locked but can be unlock for register users. If you want all premium features to be unlocked then activate office 2019 using MS Toolkit which guarantees you the genuine activation without having any problem. Your office will be activated for lifetime. You won’t face any problem using your office later.

Activator for Office 365:

Office 365 has integrated all the office functions and tools. So it is the advanced and smart version of office. Most of the user wants to use it but they can’t afford to buy its activator. It is famous because of its efficient and smart working capability. It perform every task you gave just in few minutes. So if you wanna download office 365 and activate it then use MS Toolkit which can activate this latest version of office genuinely and you can enjoy all the functions of office 365 for lifetime.

How to Activate?

  1. Download Microsoft Toolkit Activator from the link given below.
  2. After downloading open the downloaded setup from the destination folder where you choose to save it.
  3. Open the downloaded setup in winrar.
  4. There will be an office logo given in start menu, after opening that logo there will be a new window pop up.
  5. That popup will show you an option, just click on EZ Activator to open it.
  6. Select the language you wanna use.
  7. Activation process will be start at background, you can continue your work.
  8. Wait for some time until windows is activated, after some time a message will be shown to you that your windows is activated.
  9. All done, now you have your windows or office activated, enjoy all of the functions available in windows or office.

Note: Hope we have successfully convey the features and functions of microsoft toolkit and you have understood it also. if you are still confused in choosing activator then contact us, we can further tell you about the reason you should choose this activator.


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