Smart Hindi Typing Master 4.2 Crack + Activation Code Full Version

Smart Hindi Typing Master 4.2 Crack Free Download

Smart Hindi typing tutor4.1 crack With License&Activation Key Full Version

About Smart Hindi Typing Master Crack Full Version:

Smart Hindi typing tutor crack is a typing master that is used to to improve your typing speed and it is used in typing test.  It is full of features and free typing tester for windows. You can improve and increase the typing skills to practice by written any of the several test text. You can see your typing progress on the window you can see result history and print out your result as a diploma of typing test.This typing master is full of features it include warm-up games, custom texts, multi user support, result history, and a printed test diploma. It is user friendly and easy to use for any user and it is very effective typing tool that will helpful  in learning and through this program you can improve your typing skills as soon as possible. It provide the guidance for typing practice and for movement of your hand. It include many different parts which base on the practice of different words and sentences. This program has a virtual keyboard, left- Right hands, highlights, the key and finger which is to be used for practice of typing. It is designed as that the typing practice is more advanced and effective for user. In this typing master you can see different typing test and lessons which can very helpful for any kind of typing test, So there are more than 500 typing practice lessons and more than 500 typing test lessons.

Smart Hindi typing Master you can use it on the any kind of  window like NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, and server 2008, 7, 8, 10.  It has many features which help in practice like Key preview feature is used for what key to be pressed and if any finger is stuck during the practice then Finger preview feature shows what your Finger to struck. When you press any key then Key press feature shows what key you are pressing. It has an ability that it provide you the result it also calculates and shows accuracy and show typing speed in Word per minute and key per minute after every practice or test lesson. It also calculate the typing speed and find the error for each letter and finally calculate the accuracy shows as understandable graphs on window. It include five different types of lessons designed for every age groups. In this typing master there is a numeric Typing module which is designed as numeric key board. It is the life time typing tool. It has many different functions of typing tester for windows. It provide the complete guideline step by step from start to end When you start the practice it provide the complete lesson with guidance. In the first step you will teach the keys and then practice the exercise with words. After this lesson you will practice to type the paragraph in second  lesson.

Key Features Of Smart Hindi Typing Master 4.2:

There are some important features are given below:

  • It is an application that provide you to learning different methods and lessons for improve your typing speed.
  • It is easy to use for every kind user even a new users can use it and in less experience they can have an easy time working with it.
  • It is full of exercises of different lessons and tests.
  • The lessons of this program combined in groups users can select any group which they want for typing practice.
  • It also comprises of course menu so that users can easily choose required course and improve their typing abilities .
  • If user complete the exercise or if the users decide to finish the typing practice earlier it can easy to do it for this purpose a summary will appear on the window screen that is contains details of typing progress like the gross speed, accuracy or the net typing speed.
  • It is a good and user friendly typing tool user can enjoy on it many exercises and word games.
  • You must type the correct words for increase the typing speed and improved your typing.
  • When you start the typing practice on it you can must the steps that is very helpful for typing. When you complete the first step then you can see the performance of your first step and you can move to next step.
  • If you want to go back on previous step you can also backup.
  • You can also select your numbers and manage them as they helps you to recreate strings of un arranged number in typing.
  • The interface of this software is very attractive and easy for user to use.
  • User can choose the lesson and course menu which he want to type for practice and for testing.

What’s New?

There are some features add in the latest version of Smart Hindi typing tutor 4.1 which are given below:

  • In this version it provide the facility of tutorial it gives you tutorial Section with hand-help and Keyboard hide option you can check the keyboard that the keyboard is hand help.
  • In this program it provide the test system tests are also given for better practice to improve the typing skills.
  • Some new features are added in this version to typing practice of user if user can add or delete the test it is Created by User he can delete or add easily.
  • In this program there are number of typing lessons and test lessons are added and it include many different types of exercise which are helpful for users.
  • If any user want to see her/ his result of typing test or typing Speed Records User can see it which are save during typing test Session and during practice.
  • Through this software multiple Users can access it and practice on same system they make their users account and then they can use it for practice.

Uses of Smart Hindi Typing Tutor:

  • You can use it for improve your Hindi and English typing speed or skills.
  • It can help for make expert in typing speed.
  • It gives you different Instructions which helps you by telling that which key you must press during typing practice and it give the guideline for improve your typing .

Smart Hindi Typing Master 4.2 License Key:







Smart Hindi Typing Master 4.2 Activation Code:







System Requirements:

  • It runs smoothly in window 7, window 8 and window 10.
  • You must required 1 GHz processor for this software.
  • Must be available 486 or Pentium-class processor.
  • It should be require SATA, IDE, SCSI, Hard disk
  • More then 256 RAM available in the latest version of this Software.
  • You must need at least 100 MB storage for installation.
  • 1280 x1024 display is necessary for installation.

How To Install Smart Hindi typing tutor 4.2?

To Install this software follow the steps that are given below:

  • Delete the old version if already installed in your device.
  • Download the link of this software from the link given below.
  • complete the downloading process.
  • Save all the files of this program to C drive.
  • Run the setup .
  • Follow the instruction and complete the installation process.
  • For copy the activation key press it to generate activation Keys
  • when installation is complete then click on finish button for complete this installation process.
  • Now it is ready to use.
  • Enjoy by using this software.

Download this software from link given below;

Download Link

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